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Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless

girlfriend topless pic

Lisa wraps her panties around her wrist then gets off her knees and sits. The back door opens and bangs closed. Her boyfriend appears in the kitchen doorway.

“Hey, man, did you get everything?” Evan asks.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Alan leaves the shopping bags on the counter and approaches. Lisa tugs her robe closed tighter. Her boyfriend is looking at her, frowning a little.

“Hey – what’s up?” he asks softly.

Lisa’s blush fires up.

“I’ll let you guys talk,” Evan says, giving Lisa’s knee a squeeze as he gets up. He pats Alan’s shoulder in passing.

Alan approaches and sits on the end of the couch. He swallows. “Did he have sex with you?”

Lisa nods. “Yes, Alan. It just kind of happened…. It felt so natural.”

“Natural?” Alan swallows again, his throat seemingly dry.

Lisa reaches for his hand and intertwines fingers. “He really needed to, Alan…. He even said he had that blue balls thing. But that’s because I was teasing them so much yesterday.”

“Yeah, but they were the ones tickling you all the time. It wasn’t just you teasing.” Alan looks over his shoulder to where Evan went out the back. “So, where did it happen? Did he take you to his bed?”

“No – it was right here…. I’m still sitting in it.” Lisa has a look down between her legs and takes her panties from her wrist to bunch beneath her. “It’s amazing how wet I am from him. That must be because of blue balls, huh?”

Alan is craning his neck, trying to see. “But are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just leaking semen – way more than usual…. I could really feel it, though, Alan. It was so interesting having a different one in me. His is a bit thicker than yours, and when he was cumming it really jumped. I felt it throb about six times so powerfully and he was sort of grunting when that was happening…. It was just so different and exciting.” Lisa stands and wipes her pussy with her panties. There’s a creamy wet spot on the couch.

“Aw shit, is that it?” Alan asks, frowning and examining the puddle.

“I know. It’s amazing how much he must have had all built up. He must have really needed a release…. He said he did.”

“He said that?”

“Uh huh….” Lisa cuddles close. “He said the only way to release properly when you have blue balls is inside a woman. Which sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Alan…. I hope he feels satisfied for a while now.”

Alan strokes Lisa’s hair. “But this doesn’t mean anything, right? It doesn’t change anything between us?” ………

Basic topless

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“Mmm – let Jeremy play with me for a while, okay?”

Basic Houseguest

Jeremy spent a while taking his photos. Robbie and Tamika walked and returned when he had finished. Robbie went into the bushes to go to the toilet and when he came back he found Jeremy taking some shots of Tamika. She had her dress undone and was holding it open, showing her little tits. She blushed as she met Robbie’s eyes. Jeremy knelt to take a few shots from down low, looking up. Tamika gathered the hem of her dress and held it out so he could see in underneath. “Can you see it properly like that?” she asked sweetly. “Should I open my legs?”

Jeremy was clicking away. Tamika leaned with a foot on the sidestep of the 4WD. With that leg bent up, she allowed it to sway aside as she held her dress up above her waist. Jeremy zoomed in for a close up of her pussy. She bit down on her grin as she looked to her husband.

Jeremy smiled as he snapped more shots. “This is very naughty. I think you will need to be spanked again tonight.”

“Okay,” Tamika uttered. “You can spank me again if you want….”

When she got in onto the older man’s lap for the drive home, she left her dress open and deliberately lifted the back so she was sitting on him with her bottom bare. Tamika looked to Jeremy. He was grinning. His hand was upon her waist. She took his hand and, holding her husband’s gaze, she put it into her dress and pressed it over her breast.

Jeremy’s hand immediately began to move beneath her dress, feeling her and squeezing her nipple. She kept watching her husband as he continually glanced across at what Jeremy was doing.

“Slow down a bit, Robbie. Let’s not get to the main road too quickly,” Tamika uttered. “Let Jeremy play with me for a while, okay?”

“Okay,” Robbie answered, gulping.

“Well I need some more room,” Jeremy said to Tamika. “It’s at the wrong angle under there.”

“I’ll do it…” Tamika lifted, and the guy tried to reposition his penis in his trousers. “Let me,” she said, meeting Robbie’s eyes again as she felt beneath her bottom. “I’ll just put it where I won’t sit on it,” she went on teasingly, and she unzipped Jeremy’s pants and felt for the buttons of his boxers. She undid them and found his shaft. It was hot in her hand, though not completely stiff yet. She pulled it out, making him groan approvingly.

“Careful,” he warned playfully.

Tamika giggled. “Just trust me,” she said, and she positioned it between her upper-thighs as she sat down. “There – that should be safe from getting squashed.”

Robbie had slowed the vehicle to a crawl. He was watching Tamika’s lap mostly. He could see the head of Jeremy’s penis tenting her dress there. “So it’s not inside you?” he checked with his wife.

“No – just here between my legs,” she said, patting it and making Jeremy thrust a little.

His penis had firmed completely and the side of the shaft was against Tamika’s pussy lips, rubbing there with the movement of the vehicle over the uneven track.  He had also resumed feeling her breast while his other hand was squeezing her thigh.

Tamika felt him thrust slightly sometimes but the sensation of being felt up and having one of her nipples tweaked distracted her.  Plus the excitement of having just posed for lewd photographs had her grinding against his thrusts.

She was holding the dash to keep her balance but she had a free hand and that gravitated to her lap where she started feeling the head of Jeremy’s penis through her dress. And that made him thrust even more deliberately as she watched her husband continually looking across at her lap.

Robbie slowed the Jeep down again and watched blatantly. Jeremy’s face was buried in Tamika’s neck. She was holding the head of his penis and squirming down against the side of it as it surged up and down between her clenched thighs. She looked to her husband pleadingly, biting down on her blush and smile.

“I’m going to cum in a minute,” she uttered. “I can’t help it,” she cried, and Robbie nodded his assent. He was staring wide eyed and Jeremy was just about humping beneath her. “Oh shit,” Tamika cried, and she lifted and shifted across a bit, then she squirmed down hard and ground her bottom until her orgasm gripped and thumped through her belly. “Ohhh… oh shit,” she cried as the older man bucked once more and let out a deep groan……


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She imagined being on her hands and knees – the guys mounting her…

Basic Bride-to-be

Celia bit her lip. “I know. It’s fine by me too…. But – um – I was thinking of being unprotected with Max and Gareth as well.”

Phillip’s face flushed red. “Oh!”

“I know! What a crazy idea, huh?”

“Yes – quite…. So, why would you want to take such a chance, darling?”

Celia cuddled close, laying her head upon her fiancé’s shoulder and fiddling with his shirt buttons. “I think, because of how perfect these few days have been. It’s been so great doing this – being with other men before our wedding. But I don’t like condoms, and the thought of having sex without my diaphragm is sooo exciting.”

“Do you mean because of the risk of pregnancy?”

“Yes. That and just the fact that it’s so natural to be fully open when a man ejaculates inside – to have no barrier stopping his semen from entering my belly…. I mean – that’s what you’re trying to do isn’t it? That’s why you guys actually ejaculate your gooey stuff and not just leak it out – so it can spurt through a woman’s cervix and into her belly…. But boring old condoms stop it, and so does the silly diaphragm. They spoil all the sexiness.”

Phillip stroked Celia’s hair. “That’s all true, I suppose…. I have to admit it’s an appealing thought – you being taken naturally like that. It adds an edge to what we’ve done so far.”

“Exactly! It’s like, the only bit that’s missing.”

“And how unsafe would it be, darling? How risky in terms of conception?”

Celia blushed, keeping her face hidden. She spoke softly. “I was thinking about that this morning. I’m past the middle of my cycle. I should have already ovulated …. I wouldn’t say this a totally safe time, exactly – but it’s the only chance we’ve got unless we waited and tried it naturally like this when you bring me here for your uncles.”

Celia giggled. “It would be interesting trying it with Uncle Bob with no diaphragm. Talk about direct injection! With his huge dick the head would be poking in my belly and squirting from there.”

Phillip shifted a little in his seat. Celia felt his erection pressing beneath her leg.

He cleared his throat. “So, as I understand the female anatomy, this is a fairly safe point in your menstrual cycle – toward the end?”

“Yes. By the end of this weekend I will definitely be safe. But we’ll be on our cruise by then, won’t we!”

“And our wedding night will still be risky….”

“Uh huh – a little.” Celia lifted her head for a kiss. “Which is only tomorrow night – and we’re going to wait until then, aren’t we? I mean, you and me?”

“Yes, certainly. But if we do this Maxwell and Gareth would be inseminating you beforehand.”

Celia gave another little giggle. “INSEMINATING sounds very serious.”

“But they would be servicing you, darling – actually mating with you.”

“I guess….” Celia’s blush returned. Phillip often spoke formally and put things in an odd way. The idea of being mated with was tantalising. She imagined being on her hands and knees for that process – the guys mounting her……..


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Flashing her boobs at the lake…

Basic Sensual Massage

Anny sits happily watching everyone, her legs out for tanning, her top tugged up to expose her belly to the pleasant sunshine as well. There’s an older man sitting close to her right who keeps looking over. Anny smiles to herself and undoes another button between her breasts, the fabric of her top opening to reveal the pretty sky-blue lace of her underwear a little more. Her breasts swell quite prominently from her bra cups.

The guy has been there all the time. It’s not as if he deliberately sat where he could check Anny out. There’s lots of stuff around him, and after a little while two teen boys come dripping and dry off, jabbering to their father about how much fun they’re having. They run back to the water.

Anny slips her arms from the short sleeves of her knitted top and pulls her bra straps down to expose her shoulders for tanning. She blushes to herself as she lies over on her belly facing the man, showing him very deep cleavage, her nipples tight and only just concealed by the lace. He rests back on an elbow with his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.

After only a few minutes, Dave drops to his knees on the blanket beside her and has a drink from a water bottle. He spurts water on her back and laughs. She spins around giggling and complaining, instinctively holding an arm across her breasts, her bra sagging a little and her boobs nearly popping out the top. “Well give me a drink at least!” she scolds him. He hands her the bottle. She takes it and lowers her arm to let him have a better look, his eyes already fixed upon her chest. She waits for the silly comment but he just looks quietly. She feels her blush rise as she glances down then up at him.

“Nice,” he says. “Pretty.”

“Thanks…. I didn’t bring a bikini unfortunately,” she tells him.

“Lucky for us.” His cheeky grin lights up this time but he takes off running and diving into the water.

Anny brushes at her boobs and plucks carefully at her top and bra. Carmen and Olivia are sunning themselves on rocks and don’t appear to be planning on coming back anytime soon. Jake and Marty are continually climbing and having turns on the rope swing. Anny turns and lies propped on her elbows facing the older man again, letting him have another look at her breasts. Her nipples are peeping from the lacy cup now that she has tugged her bra down a bit. She checks and can see them quite clearly. The man rests back on an elbow facing her again.

Anny remains there gazing at the people swimming and sunbathing, and showing the man her breasts. It’s a long time until his kids come back and she has to cover up. He gets them organized to leave. Anny meets his eyes without the sunglasses. He grins and she hides her face and blush. His boys run off along the trail leading back to the tent city. He approaches Anny. She peers up at him biting her grin. He hands her a tiny purple wild flower, his eyes moving to her cleavage and back again. “I don’t know quite what to say, miss. Have a flower and a nice day.”

“Thank you,” Anny calls after him.

“I’m John. I’m married,” he calls back.

Anny giggles. “I’m Anny. I’m married too.”

He waves. “See you around, Anny!”

Anny waves to get her husband’s attention. He’s puffing and dripping wet when he drops to his knees beside her. She gives him Dave’s water bottle.

He drinks and looks up from her boobs. “Wow, Anny!” His eyes are rolling down as he cranes his neck for a better look.

“You like?” she asks teasingly.

He nods and has another drink.

“I just showed some older man. He had a really good look.”

Jake looks around. “The one who was sitting there? I thought he was checking you out.”

“Oh he was checking me out alright. When I lie on my front there’s a pretty good view.”

It takes Jake a moment to respond. “So you showed him on purpose?”

“Uh huh…. I couldn’t help myself, Jake. I just wanted to….”

Jake sits beside her and looks around. “I wish I saw.”

“You wish you saw? Like that you saw the guy looking at me?”

“Definitely! Maybe you could do it again, but while I’m around to see?”

Anny’s blush fires up. “You really want to see me show some guy my boobs?”

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“Oh my god. I want another pick.”


cuck 2

“Oh – give me the book!” Anny says, shaking her head incredulously. “That’ll scare me more than you, Jackal.” She waves her fingers, puffing a couple of short breaths in preparation. “I’ll show you how this is done,” she declares, closes her eyes, and flicks through and stabs a page. She squeals.

Jake tries to get a look but she shuts the magazine before he can. “What? What did you pick, Anny?”

“Oh my god. I want another pick.”

“No! There’s no getting out of it. What is it? Come on – show me.”

She opens the magazine, her finger still pointing to the item she’s chosen. “Um…. Are you sure I can’t have another pick?” she asks, grimacing jokingly.

“Ooh,” Jake agrees. “That’s an interesting one.”

“Interesting?” Anny moves her finger to reveal the full advertisement. It’s a sensual massage service. “That’s not therapeutic, Jake – that’s like a sexy one.”

“Yeah, I can see that…. Sven and Mystique…. I wonder if they do it as a couple or you have to pick which one.”

“I’m thinking Sven,” Anny says, giggling. “Mystique looks way scary.”

“It’s a hundred dollars – 30 minutes in your hotel room….” Jake gulps. “I wonder what sensual actually means.”

“You must get to say HOW sensual you want the massage to be,” Anny suggests.

“Yeah, I guess…. And as long as I can be here when it’s happening,” Jake adds, pondering the idea of some big massage guy touching Anny. It’s a weird and completely alien notion but not entirely negative. He doesn’t understand the tingle of excitement he’s feeling.

“Well I’m game,” Anny says, sparking up. “I say we – actually, no – I say YOU book me a semi-sensual massage for about 6 and we go check out this wax museum.”


“Yes, sir. Sven is highly experienced. The level of sensuality will be to your personal satisfaction.”

“Oh no, it’s not for me. It’s for my wife,” Jake explains again.

“Certainly, sir. 7PM sharp. Please ask your wife to be showered and ready, as the 30 minutes begins at 7.” It’s a woman’s voice on the phone, Mystique, apparently.

“What should my wife wear, please?” Anny is tugging at Jake’s arm with the question.

“The lower portion of her underwear and a bath towel will be fine, sir. Hair up if it’s long.”

“Oh okay…. Thank you.”

Jake hangs up.

“Well?” Anny asks excitedly.

“She said to be showered and ready with the lower portion of your underwear and a towel wrapped around…. She said it can be as sensual as we say.”

Anny gawks. “Wow! No bra! Topless!”

“Well surely you don’t have to. I don’t see why you can’t wear something to keep covered a bit.”

“Oh – you mean to chicken out and wear shorts and a top?” Anny teases……

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