Girlfriend Agrees to go Topless

girlfriend topless pic

Lisa wraps her panties around her wrist then gets off her knees and sits. The back door opens and bangs closed. Her boyfriend appears in the kitchen doorway.

“Hey, man, did you get everything?” Evan asks.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Alan leaves the shopping bags on the counter and approaches. Lisa tugs her robe closed tighter. Her boyfriend is looking at her, frowning a little.

“Hey – what’s up?” he asks softly.

Lisa’s blush fires up.

“I’ll let you guys talk,” Evan says, giving Lisa’s knee a squeeze as he gets up. He pats Alan’s shoulder in passing.

Alan approaches and sits on the end of the couch. He swallows. “Did he have sex with you?”

Lisa nods. “Yes, Alan. It just kind of happened…. It felt so natural.”

“Natural?” Alan swallows again, his throat seemingly dry.

Lisa reaches for his hand and intertwines fingers. “He really needed to, Alan…. He even said he had that blue balls thing. But that’s because I was teasing them so much yesterday.”

“Yeah, but they were the ones tickling you all the time. It wasn’t just you teasing.” Alan looks over his shoulder to where Evan went out the back. “So, where did it happen? Did he take you to his bed?”

“No – it was right here…. I’m still sitting in it.” Lisa has a look down between her legs and takes her panties from her wrist to bunch beneath her. “It’s amazing how wet I am from him. That must be because of blue balls, huh?”

Alan is craning his neck, trying to see. “But are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just leaking semen – way more than usual…. I could really feel it, though, Alan. It was so interesting having a different one in me. His is a bit thicker than yours, and when he was cumming it really jumped. I felt it throb about six times so powerfully and he was sort of grunting when that was happening…. It was just so different and exciting.” Lisa stands and wipes her pussy with her panties. There’s a creamy wet spot on the couch.

“Aw shit, is that it?” Alan asks, frowning and examining the puddle.

“I know. It’s amazing how much he must have had all built up. He must have really needed a release…. He said he did.”

“He said that?”

“Uh huh….” Lisa cuddles close. “He said the only way to release properly when you have blue balls is inside a woman. Which sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Alan…. I hope he feels satisfied for a while now.”

Alan strokes Lisa’s hair. “But this doesn’t mean anything, right? It doesn’t change anything between us?” ………

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