“Mmm – let Jeremy play with me for a while, okay?”

Basic Houseguest

Jeremy spent a while taking his photos. Robbie and Tamika walked and returned when he had finished. Robbie went into the bushes to go to the toilet and when he came back he found Jeremy taking some shots of Tamika. She had her dress undone and was holding it open, showing her little tits. She blushed as she met Robbie’s eyes. Jeremy knelt to take a few shots from down low, looking up. Tamika gathered the hem of her dress and held it out so he could see in underneath. “Can you see it properly like that?” she asked sweetly. “Should I open my legs?”

Jeremy was clicking away. Tamika leaned with a foot on the sidestep of the 4WD. With that leg bent up, she allowed it to sway aside as she held her dress up above her waist. Jeremy zoomed in for a close up of her pussy. She bit down on her grin as she looked to her husband.

Jeremy smiled as he snapped more shots. “This is very naughty. I think you will need to be spanked again tonight.”

“Okay,” Tamika uttered. “You can spank me again if you want….”

When she got in onto the older man’s lap for the drive home, she left her dress open and deliberately lifted the back so she was sitting on him with her bottom bare. Tamika looked to Jeremy. He was grinning. His hand was upon her waist. She took his hand and, holding her husband’s gaze, she put it into her dress and pressed it over her breast.

Jeremy’s hand immediately began to move beneath her dress, feeling her and squeezing her nipple. She kept watching her husband as he continually glanced across at what Jeremy was doing.

“Slow down a bit, Robbie. Let’s not get to the main road too quickly,” Tamika uttered. “Let Jeremy play with me for a while, okay?”

“Okay,” Robbie answered, gulping.

“Well I need some more room,” Jeremy said to Tamika. “It’s at the wrong angle under there.”

“I’ll do it…” Tamika lifted, and the guy tried to reposition his penis in his trousers. “Let me,” she said, meeting Robbie’s eyes again as she felt beneath her bottom. “I’ll just put it where I won’t sit on it,” she went on teasingly, and she unzipped Jeremy’s pants and felt for the buttons of his boxers. She undid them and found his shaft. It was hot in her hand, though not completely stiff yet. She pulled it out, making him groan approvingly.

“Careful,” he warned playfully.

Tamika giggled. “Just trust me,” she said, and she positioned it between her upper-thighs as she sat down. “There – that should be safe from getting squashed.”

Robbie had slowed the vehicle to a crawl. He was watching Tamika’s lap mostly. He could see the head of Jeremy’s penis tenting her dress there. “So it’s not inside you?” he checked with his wife.

“No – just here between my legs,” she said, patting it and making Jeremy thrust a little.

His penis had firmed completely and the side of the shaft was against Tamika’s pussy lips, rubbing there with the movement of the vehicle over the uneven track.  He had also resumed feeling her breast while his other hand was squeezing her thigh.

Tamika felt him thrust slightly sometimes but the sensation of being felt up and having one of her nipples tweaked distracted her.  Plus the excitement of having just posed for lewd photographs had her grinding against his thrusts.

She was holding the dash to keep her balance but she had a free hand and that gravitated to her lap where she started feeling the head of Jeremy’s penis through her dress. And that made him thrust even more deliberately as she watched her husband continually looking across at her lap.

Robbie slowed the Jeep down again and watched blatantly. Jeremy’s face was buried in Tamika’s neck. She was holding the head of his penis and squirming down against the side of it as it surged up and down between her clenched thighs. She looked to her husband pleadingly, biting down on her blush and smile.

“I’m going to cum in a minute,” she uttered. “I can’t help it,” she cried, and Robbie nodded his assent. He was staring wide eyed and Jeremy was just about humping beneath her. “Oh shit,” Tamika cried, and she lifted and shifted across a bit, then she squirmed down hard and ground her bottom until her orgasm gripped and thumped through her belly. “Ohhh… oh shit,” she cried as the older man bucked once more and let out a deep groan……


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