Spin the bottle for grown-ups

Basic Sex with his Buddies

Stan chuckled. “Hey, man, they’re white.”

Jack looked in time to see his fiancée Angela pushing the skirt of her dress down from where a gust of evening breeze had lifted it. She had on a very short, light cotton dress. It was indeed a breezy little thing, lifting again in back and flashing her panty-covered bottom as she fought to control it.

“Let’s go inside,” she said to Mark and Paul. “It’s going to rain. We’re going in,” she told Jack and Stan.

The wind was really whipping up. There were still things to clear away from dinner. Everyone grabbed salad bowls, sauce bottles and the jug of ice water and glasses. The last of the meat was on a couple of plates. A stack of serviettes fanned and blew up into the air. Jack noticed Paul grinning and checking out Angela’s bottom when her dress billowed out and folded up at the back again. She had her hands full that time. Tanya pulled her dress down for her as she held the door open for everyone.

What right did he have to complain, anyway? Jack supposed. He had ruined the special bond he shared with Angela. It was tainted. The guys always checked her out any chance they got. Being in a house together with them for a whole summer weekend was going to offer them plenty of chance, and Tanya was obviously in a party mood, which was bound to get the guys’ interest up and rub off on Angela a bit.

Angela was actually less attentive that usual during the evening – less attentive to Jack that was. She was very playful with everyone in general. Games were in order too. With bad boy Paul on his best behaviour ever, there was no one getting drunk or anything. Everyone played darts for a while – one girl on each team – Jack and Mark were on Tanya’s. Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off Tanya’s little tits and Angela’s legs. It really was a short dress his girlfriend had on. When she reached up to pull the darts out of the board after each of her turns it almost flashed her bum. When Tanya was throwing the darts there was a nice view in through the side of her dress.

The other guys were all checking both girls out too, Jack noticed. Angela also seemed very touchy feely with everyone, and less so with Jack. Paul was touching her waist sometimes, helping her with her dart throwing technique, and she was playing up to him – all giggly and blushing a lot. She was giving her two guys hugs when they made a good score.

“Let’s play cards, then,” Paul suggested.

Everyone had had enough darts, and something to do that allowed you to sit down was the idea being sought. The girls had whined when Mark wanted to turn on the TV.

There was a large table in the formal dining room. Poker was decided upon.

“We could play strip,” Paul tried. “Anyone for strip? Mark? Jack?”

“Um – no!” Angela commanded. “No one’s playing strip anything, thank you very much!”

The game was played for fun. Poker turned to rummy. The girls went to the kitchen and brought back ice cream and coffees. It was almost midnight, everyone starting to yawn.

“I know one game we could play,” Angela said.

“What – better than fish?” Mark chuckled. They had just laughed their way through a game of fish.

“It’s about the same…. It’s what we always used to play at birthday parties. It was the best bit.”

“Oh, yeah? Truth or dare?” Stan asked. “I’m in!”

Angela blushed, peering around the table. “No…. I was thinking of spin the bottle.”

“Oh, shit! With kissing?” Tanya cried. “Awesome!”

“Fuck, yeah!” Paul grinned.

Jack met Angela’s eyes. She wanted his approval. He knew all of her expressions.

“I’m not kissing any dudes,” Mark stated.

Angela had approached. Jack cuddled her to his side. “Is this okay?” she whispered to him.

“Yeah, it’s cool. Should be fun,” he said. He was thinking they were all friends. There was cheek kisses sometimes. It wouldn’t amount to much more than that.

“No – there’s no girl/girl kisses either,” Angela said in response to everyone laughing at Mark not wanting to kiss any guys.

A couple of them sighed.

“No – we each spin and have to kiss the closest opposite sex person to where the bottle points,” Angela explained. “Come on – we’ll play in the lounge.”

She and Tanya led, giggling between themselves. Stan grabbed an empty wine bottle. Tanya sat on one side of the circle, Angela on the other. As Angela sat on the floor a couple of the guys got a look at her panties again, up the front of her dress this time. Jack saw Paul staring at her legs. Stan was edging around behind her to get his place. She looked back up at him, smiling, and her legs inadvertently parted, revealing the crotch of her panties to Paul.

He tilted his head, having a good look. Then he grinned at Mark, who was having a good peep too. Jack’s face had reddened. “Hey, man,” Paul said to him, holding his gaze for a moment then glancing at Angela’s panties again. She was laughing with Stan, paying no attention. “It’s hard not to look, man….”

Jack nodded. “Yeah – I guess.”

Paul grinned and tilted his head for another deliberate look between Angela’s thighs. “It was a good idea to play sitting on the floor like this,” he said to everyone, drawing Angela’s glare while she pulled at the hem of her skirt.

“I’m first,” Stan announced. He still had the bottle. He looked side to side, grinning. “I think this is what they call a win/win situation.”

The girls giggled and blushed. He spun the bottle and it pointed closer to Angela. Tanya shrieked. Angela bit her lip.

“He has to kiss you,” Tanya said. “That’s the rules…. Whoever spins does the kissing while the one getting kissed has to sit there and give it up! Come on, Ang – give it up!”

“No getting jealous,” Stan said, grinning over at Jack.

“He won’t…. We talked,” Angela answered quickly.

Stan was sitting beside her, anyway. He got on his knees and bent to her. Jack watched their lips press together, Angela’s eyes closing, a pang of something twinging in his gut. Everyone oooed and ahhed like a bunch of teens. Angela’s face was red when the kiss ended. She flashed a glance at Jack but didn’t hold his gaze.

Jack was next. He wanted Tanya and tried to judge the spin but it landed on Angela. Everyone booed. “Come on, then – quickly,” she said, and he crawled forward and gave her a peck on the lips.

“My turn, my turn,” Tanya said excitedly. She spun and got Mark. He blushed. She crawled across the middle of the circle and kissed him softly on the lips. It was a quick one. “This is fun,” she giggled, sitting back down.

Paul was next and spun Angela. He had been grinning the whole time, but that ended as he got on his knees to face her. She peered up at him, her lips parting slightly. “Been wanting to do this for a while,” he tossed at Jack.

“Well, go on, then!” Tanya cried. “Hurry up or your turn’s finished.”

Jack watched Paul’s lips press to his fiancé’s. His jaw moved and his mouth opened. Her mouth opened too, her eyes again closing softly. His hand moved to the back of her head. He pressed his lips to hers more firmly. Everyone waited in silence.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Tanya announced. “I’m like the referee. I say when you have to stop.”

When Paul lifted from Angela her face was slightly pale and her mouth was wet. She met Jack’s gaze that time, holding it while Mark spun Tanya and crawled across to kiss her. Tanya ended up pushing Mark away, and the game broke down into laughter for a while before Stan spun the bottle again.

He got Tanya and made her giggle again. Angela then had a spin and the bottle pointed closest to Paul. He smiled, leaning back on his hands. She crawled across to him. “You again!”

He grinned bigger. She bent to him, his lips parting and his tongue present. Her lips parted too. Jack watched closely and saw that Paul’s tongue extended into Angela’s mouth. Her eyes widened at first, his hand going to the back of her neck, her hands going to his shirt and clutching there as he lifted and took control of the kiss.

Everyone watched in silence as he broke off for a breath then pressed to her parted lips again. Jack was entranced. Paul touched Angela’s face, breaking the kiss again and meeting her eyes. Her mouth remained open.

“Um…. I think that might be enough now!’ Tanya declared.

Angela looked around. Paul released her and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “That was nice,” she blushed. “That’s more like it for grown-ups…. Whose turn to spin?”

“Mine!” Stan grabbed the bottle and gave it a small spin. It did a couple of revolutions and pointed near Angela.

She was drawing deep breaths. “Okay – just give me a minute first,” she said clutching her chest. “My heart’s pounding.”

Stan knelt beside her. “Is it okay to go with tongue?” he asked Jack.

“Girls like kissing with tongue,” Tanya said quickly.

“I don’t mind,” Angela added, meeting Jack’s gaze.

Jack nodded. “Yeah – I guess it’s just a game.”

Stan chuckled. “Awesome!” He touched Angela’s face, cupping her chin and pressing to her lips. His jaw moved and her mouth opened. She moaned softly as he delved into her with his tongue. He placed one arm around her, leaning her back. She touched his chest, her eyes closed, his tongue probing deep inside of her mouth. His free hand was upon her side. He rubbed firmly back and forth, his thumb pressing beneath her breast, his fingers digging in, her little dress hiked up enough to display her crotch.

Jack looked at her panties. Her legs were bent, her thighs together. The view they had was of the tiny triangle of fabric beneath the skirt of her dress. He glanced and saw Mark was staring. Paul was watching the kiss. Tanya was too. She was beside Jack. She was leaning forward, and he could see in through the side of her dress. She glanced and saw that he was peeping.

She got up on her knees and peered back at him, smiling. He tugged the back of her dress, and she tipped back against him, her chin lifted her lips parted. He took them softly and met her tongue. He gripped her side and squeezed, her little hand closing over his.

“Nice one, Jack,” Mark chuckled, making him break off the kiss and look up to meet everyone’s gaze.

Tanya pushed away, giggling. “You didn’t even spin the bottle!”

They all laughed. Angela tugged at the hem of her dress, stretching it down. Stan still held her cradled in his arms. Her mouth was wet and reddened. He covered it with his again, kissing her deeply while the rumble of laughter silenced and everyone just watched.

“Is that enough?” Stan asked, breaking off but remaining close. “Enough yet?” he teased, getting her to part her lips in anticipation of more. He then kissed her hard again, that time taking her fully into his arms and cuddling her tight. He pulled her all the way onto his lap, his arms encircling her, his hands clutching, one of them covering a breast.

That hand squeezed as his jaw moved and he took her mouth passionately.

“Now, that’s a kiss,” her sister uttered.

“Fuck, yeah! Go, Stan,” Mark added.

Tanya squeezed Jack’s hand in her lap as he sat there watching. Stan lifted to get his breath. Angela lay in his arms with her eyes glazed, her mouth wet and very red now.

“Go on, buddy,” Stan said to Mark.

Mark looked back, but Paul was entranced and just met his questioning gaze blankly. Mark then lifted Angela from Stan’s arms and pressed his lips to hers. He only kissed her softly, stroking her hair then bending to her for another slightly deeper kiss before releasing her and sitting back.

“Just one more little one for me too, okay?” Paul winked at Jack. He was on his knees waiting while Angela raked her hair back, regaining her composure.

“You again, huh?” she challenged, biting her lip.

“Yeah – got to get one like Stan got otherwise it’s not fair.”

“Yes, the referee agrees,” Tanya announced, squeezing Jack’s hand into her lap deliberately.

Paul took Angela’s hand and sat up on the lounge. He guided her to sit upon his lap. He stroked her face and kissed her softly, laying her back a bit and deepening the kiss. His tongue entered her mouth, his hand upon her hip squeezing and rubbing. When his hand went around her and up her back, it was beneath her dress. He reached up high, hiking her dress up above her hips.

Her little white panties were then exposed to everyone watching. Jack could see them bunched and cutting into her pussy. It was obvious she was shaved beneath the soft fabric. Stan and Mark were inspecting all of that.

The arm around her back extended until that hand was covering a bare breast. Paul continued kissing her passionately while playing with the nipple. Jack could see where the guy’s hand was moving beneath the fabric of her dress. He had gotten up off the floor and was standing there watching with the others.

“Wait. Give me a rest for a minute,” Angela said. She felt her jaw, rubbing and working it a little.

Paul lifted and looked down at her body. He removed his arm from around her, just holding her side beneath the bottom of her dress. He bent to her and took her mouth again, his hand sweeping down her thigh then back up to clutch her hip, his thumb under the edge of her panties there. She moaned into the kiss as he toyed with her down there, swiping his thumb side to side.

“Fuck yeah,” Stan groaned.

Paul glanced back at him, grinning. He then took Angela’s parted lips again, moving over her and pressing her down onto the seat of the couch. He worked his knees between hers as he crawled on top of her, then he lay down between her legs and cupped her face in his hands.

Angela moaned as she was kissed deeply once more. She had one leg bent up against the back of the couch and the other bent with her foot on the floor. She was spread wide open. Paul subtly ground against her, just flexing his buttocks and giving her a nudge with his erect cock. Angela gripped him tight and ground herself up against him, her hips rotated several times then she bit on his shoulder as her body tensed and softly convulsed.

“Fucking awesome!” Stan groaned again.

Paul looked back up at Jack, holding his gaze as Angela’s body relaxed beneath him. “Sorry, man – she’s just so fucking hot.”

“Alright, that’s enough now, though,” Jack said, clearing his throat.

“Yes – I think that’s enough for you,” Tanya declared, and she took hold of Angela’s arm and pulled her from beneath Paul. “I’m taking my sister to bed before you guys get too crazy,” she said, and the two girls retreated upstairs, Angela looking back at Jack all the way up, her eyes wide and glazed.

She looked exactly like Jack felt – stunned…..


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