Flashing her boobs at the lake…

Basic Sensual Massage

Anny sits happily watching everyone, her legs out for tanning, her top tugged up to expose her belly to the pleasant sunshine as well. There’s an older man sitting close to her right who keeps looking over. Anny smiles to herself and undoes another button between her breasts, the fabric of her top opening to reveal the pretty sky-blue lace of her underwear a little more. Her breasts swell quite prominently from her bra cups.

The guy has been there all the time. It’s not as if he deliberately sat where he could check Anny out. There’s lots of stuff around him, and after a little while two teen boys come dripping and dry off, jabbering to their father about how much fun they’re having. They run back to the water.

Anny slips her arms from the short sleeves of her knitted top and pulls her bra straps down to expose her shoulders for tanning. She blushes to herself as she lies over on her belly facing the man, showing him very deep cleavage, her nipples tight and only just concealed by the lace. He rests back on an elbow with his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.

After only a few minutes, Dave drops to his knees on the blanket beside her and has a drink from a water bottle. He spurts water on her back and laughs. She spins around giggling and complaining, instinctively holding an arm across her breasts, her bra sagging a little and her boobs nearly popping out the top. “Well give me a drink at least!” she scolds him. He hands her the bottle. She takes it and lowers her arm to let him have a better look, his eyes already fixed upon her chest. She waits for the silly comment but he just looks quietly. She feels her blush rise as she glances down then up at him.

“Nice,” he says. “Pretty.”

“Thanks…. I didn’t bring a bikini unfortunately,” she tells him.

“Lucky for us.” His cheeky grin lights up this time but he takes off running and diving into the water.

Anny brushes at her boobs and plucks carefully at her top and bra. Carmen and Olivia are sunning themselves on rocks and don’t appear to be planning on coming back anytime soon. Jake and Marty are continually climbing and having turns on the rope swing. Anny turns and lies propped on her elbows facing the older man again, letting him have another look at her breasts. Her nipples are peeping from the lacy cup now that she has tugged her bra down a bit. She checks and can see them quite clearly. The man rests back on an elbow facing her again.

Anny remains there gazing at the people swimming and sunbathing, and showing the man her breasts. It’s a long time until his kids come back and she has to cover up. He gets them organized to leave. Anny meets his eyes without the sunglasses. He grins and she hides her face and blush. His boys run off along the trail leading back to the tent city. He approaches Anny. She peers up at him biting her grin. He hands her a tiny purple wild flower, his eyes moving to her cleavage and back again. “I don’t know quite what to say, miss. Have a flower and a nice day.”

“Thank you,” Anny calls after him.

“I’m John. I’m married,” he calls back.

Anny giggles. “I’m Anny. I’m married too.”

He waves. “See you around, Anny!”

Anny waves to get her husband’s attention. He’s puffing and dripping wet when he drops to his knees beside her. She gives him Dave’s water bottle.

He drinks and looks up from her boobs. “Wow, Anny!” His eyes are rolling down as he cranes his neck for a better look.

“You like?” she asks teasingly.

He nods and has another drink.

“I just showed some older man. He had a really good look.”

Jake looks around. “The one who was sitting there? I thought he was checking you out.”

“Oh he was checking me out alright. When I lie on my front there’s a pretty good view.”

It takes Jake a moment to respond. “So you showed him on purpose?”

“Uh huh…. I couldn’t help myself, Jake. I just wanted to….”

Jake sits beside her and looks around. “I wish I saw.”

“You wish you saw? Like that you saw the guy looking at me?”

“Definitely! Maybe you could do it again, but while I’m around to see?”

Anny’s blush fires up. “You really want to see me show some guy my boobs?”

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