“Oh my god. I want another pick.”


cuck 2

“Oh – give me the book!” Anny says, shaking her head incredulously. “That’ll scare me more than you, Jackal.” She waves her fingers, puffing a couple of short breaths in preparation. “I’ll show you how this is done,” she declares, closes her eyes, and flicks through and stabs a page. She squeals.

Jake tries to get a look but she shuts the magazine before he can. “What? What did you pick, Anny?”

“Oh my god. I want another pick.”

“No! There’s no getting out of it. What is it? Come on – show me.”

She opens the magazine, her finger still pointing to the item she’s chosen. “Um…. Are you sure I can’t have another pick?” she asks, grimacing jokingly.

“Ooh,” Jake agrees. “That’s an interesting one.”

“Interesting?” Anny moves her finger to reveal the full advertisement. It’s a sensual massage service. “That’s not therapeutic, Jake – that’s like a sexy one.”

“Yeah, I can see that…. Sven and Mystique…. I wonder if they do it as a couple or you have to pick which one.”

“I’m thinking Sven,” Anny says, giggling. “Mystique looks way scary.”

“It’s a hundred dollars – 30 minutes in your hotel room….” Jake gulps. “I wonder what sensual actually means.”

“You must get to say HOW sensual you want the massage to be,” Anny suggests.

“Yeah, I guess…. And as long as I can be here when it’s happening,” Jake adds, pondering the idea of some big massage guy touching Anny. It’s a weird and completely alien notion but not entirely negative. He doesn’t understand the tingle of excitement he’s feeling.

“Well I’m game,” Anny says, sparking up. “I say we – actually, no – I say YOU book me a semi-sensual massage for about 6 and we go check out this wax museum.”


“Yes, sir. Sven is highly experienced. The level of sensuality will be to your personal satisfaction.”

“Oh no, it’s not for me. It’s for my wife,” Jake explains again.

“Certainly, sir. 7PM sharp. Please ask your wife to be showered and ready, as the 30 minutes begins at 7.” It’s a woman’s voice on the phone, Mystique, apparently.

“What should my wife wear, please?” Anny is tugging at Jake’s arm with the question.

“The lower portion of her underwear and a bath towel will be fine, sir. Hair up if it’s long.”

“Oh okay…. Thank you.”

Jake hangs up.

“Well?” Anny asks excitedly.

“She said to be showered and ready with the lower portion of your underwear and a towel wrapped around…. She said it can be as sensual as we say.”

Anny gawks. “Wow! No bra! Topless!”

“Well surely you don’t have to. I don’t see why you can’t wear something to keep covered a bit.”

“Oh – you mean to chicken out and wear shorts and a top?” Anny teases……

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